Men Who Raped Teenage Girl At Gun Point In Delta State Apprehended

Men Who Raped Teenage Girl At Gun Point In Delta State Apprehended

The combatant and ever vigilant Asaba Vigilante Corp has scored another victory in its determined commitment to help rid Asaba of criminals and make the capital city a more peaceful abode. On the 8th of June,the team arrested two alleged notorious rapists and armed robbers Ejima Odita and Ifeanyi Iloba known for terrorizing people at the traditional Eke Square ,Asaba.

One of the arrested kingpins Ejime Odita is said to have been on the radar of the vigilante team for sometime since some of his victims have been filing reports to the vigilante corp.

The two culprits are of Asaba community and they were alleged to have been robbing their victims at gun point claiming to be the chairman and members of the Asaba Vigilante Corp. The suspects were arrested after an alleged rape of an 18 yr old girl at gun point after threatening to shoot her if she raises any alarm.

According to the press release by the Asaba anti cult group,the suspects have been handed over to the police.

Source: Nationalhelm

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